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Applications for the 2023 MTWBC Impact Grant will open on January 1, 2023.

Applications will close on March 2, 2023, at NOON MST.


Requirements to Apply:

  • This is a statewide opportunity for Montana women-owned businesses only, with ownership of 51% or more.
  • This opportunity is open only to for-profits.
  • Grant funding cannot be used for businesses in the cannabis industry.
  • Applicants do not need to be Prospera members.
  • Applicants can apply for up to $3,000 or $6,000 to be used for equipment, marketing, signage, staffing, trailers, leasehold improvements, or anything that will take your business to the next level—please only apply for exactly how much you need. For example, if your project will cost $5,200, you will apply for $5,200. You can enter yourself into either the $3,000 or $6,000 grant; if you enter the $3,000 grant pool, then you will only be reimbursed $3,000, even though your project costs $5,200.
  • Please do not submit a grant for training—the Department of Labor has an excellent grant called the Incumbent Worker Training Grant that can help you:
  • If grant funds will leverage other fund sources, the applicant must show proof that those funds are confirmed. If you are applying for funds to hire a new employee, please show proof that your business has the cash flow to support this new position beyond the grant period as well as a job description with wage information.

There are four different grants available; you can only apply for one grant per business. More than one application per business automatically disqualifies all applications.

The four grants available:

  • Urban $3,000
  • Urban $6,000
  • Rural $3,000
  • Rural $6,000

For the purpose of this grant, “urban” is defined as any town with a population of more than 10,000 residents according to the 2021 US Census Bureau. “Rural” is defined as any town with less than 10,000 residents, according to the 2021 US Census Bureau. You can check your town’s population at this link.

For application submission instructions and information on how applications are scored, you can read the document here.

The portal for submitting your application will open on January 1, 2023.