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Revolving Loan Funds

Do you have a business project or expansion idea that needs funding to bring to reality? At Prospera, we offer business lending to any company located in southwest Montana. If you are looking for loan financing to help your business grow, expand, or obtain working capital to bring your business to the next level, Prospera may have a loan product to fit your needs. Our team of business counselors will work with you to help your business be ready for financing.

Gap financing helps you stay in business while you take your business to the next level. With loan funds up to $ 1 million, we often lend alongside bank financing to help businesses access the funding they need to achieve their goals. Prospera loan funds are local money that revolves to help local businesses in our region. These nontraditional sources of capital can be vital for supporting the success of local entrepreneurs and businesses. As a local lender, we lend only to businesses in southwest Montana and help you get access to the financing options that will help you succeed.

You can review Prospera’s Loan Checklist to see the documents and materials needed to complete a loan application.

“With Prospera’s help, I was able to have security knowing that if something unexpected should happen I have the funds to continue business. I think Prospera has a plethora of knowledge and information for business owners, especially for women in business.” - Aurelia Ewan, Western Horizon Insurance
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Benefits to You

  • Funds can be used for start-up financing, working capital, buyouts, refinancing, and more.
  • Lower equity requirements
  • Flexible structure and payment options
  • Loan clients have access to free business counseling with Prospera
  • Prospera can take second position with a bank

Prospera's Loan Checklist has the documents and materials needed to complete a loan application. If you need assistance preparing or assembling any of the checklist items, we highly recommend taking the Power Up business course Prospera offers.

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