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Prospera Loan Funds

Prospera offers lending services to companies located in Gallatin & Park counties. Prospera loan funds can be used for business expansion, equipment, and working capital.

Prospera has access to a variety of loan funds to assist eligible businesses in meeting their financing needs.

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“With Prospera’s help, I was able to have security knowing that if something unexpected should happen I have the funds to continue business. I think Prospera has a plethora of knowledge and information for business owners, especially for women in business.” - Aurelia Ewan, Western Horizon Insurance
												 Loan Readiness

Loan Readiness Training

Description: This three-hour Loan Readiness course is a comprehensive and practical workshop designed to equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of securing commercial loans successfully. Tailored for small business owners, and professionals seeking funding for their ventures, this class offers a deep dive into the intricate world of commercial lending.

What Participants Will Learn:

  1. Types of funding available to small businesses
  2. Factors lenders look at for approving loans
  3. What documents are required to secure a loan
  4. How to calculate key ratios for the profitability of your business
  5. How to be prepared when you are looking for a commercial loan

The class incorporates real-life examples, interactive exercises, and Q&A sessions, allowing participants to apply the knowledge gained in a practical context. By the end of the course, attendees are equipped with the tools, strategies, and confidence required to pursue commercial loans successfully and propel their businesses forward.

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Benefits to You

  • Funds can be used for working capital, equipment purchases, real estate, build-outs, purchases of existing businesses, and more!
  • Lower equity & collateral requirements
  • Flexible structure and payment options
  • Fast decision making
  • Loan clients have access to Prospera business counseling

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