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As a valued member of Prospera. we're thrilled to promote your business through a member spotlight in one of our upcoming e-blasts.

Member spotlights can include anything from upcoming events or open houses, to new service offerings, ownership, or team members. Please complete the form below, providing us with a high-quality image and thorough description for your spotlight.
If you have questions or need assistance submitting this form, please call :

Jodi Weak Philanthropy Director | 406-587-3113

Timing Considerations - Spotlight requests must be submitted at least 45 days or 6 weeks prior to the date your wish to have it included in an email. *

Prospera's marketing team will consider the timing details of your spotlight, and we will do our best to include in the the most timely relevant upcoming email.

Member Benefits Considerations - Members receive either 1, 2, or 3 spotlights annually depending on their level of membership support. *
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