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As a valued member of Prospera we're thrilled to promote your business through a member spotlight in one of our upcoming e-blasts. Member spotlights are available to Contributor ($600) members and higher.

Member spotlights can include anything from upcoming events or open houses, to new service offerings, ownership, or team members. Prospera will not promote community fundraising events.
If you have questions or need assistance submitting this form, please call :

Jodi Weak Philanthropy Director | 406-587-3113

Timing Considerations - Spotlight requests must be submitted at least 45 days or 6 weeks prior to the date your wish to have it included in an email. *

Prospera's marketing team will consider the timing details of your spotlight, and we will do our best to include in the the most timely relevant upcoming email.

Member Benefits Considerations - Member Spotlight is available to current Contributor ($600) member level and higher. *
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