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BizTech Solutions: Your Boutique IT Provider

Ashley and James Hodges launched BizTech Solutions in 2018 to relieve the stress of operating complicated IT infrastructures for regional businesses. Serving nearly fifty clients in the region, BizTech manages IT services for businesses throughout the state of Montana as well as surrounding states. Their services allow companies to focus on their day-to-day business tasks rather than worrying about complicated technologies such as maintaining servers with confidential information or accommodating remote or field workers.

The Hodges connected with Prospera in 2019 to scale BizTech, which has since doubled in size and income. Just as they were gearing up for expansion, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how BizTech and its clients operated. Initially they reached out to Prospera to help navigate applying for PPP loans to accommodate for these unforeseen circumstances. Of their respectful working relationship, Director of Business Development Suzi Berget White said, “Working with BizTech has been an absolute joy—they are a hardworking team focused on providing boutique level IT services to Southwest Montana and help to relieve the stress of running a business.”

The Hodges continue to discuss BizTech’s future needs with the team at Prospera, including the possibility of eventually owning their own space. “If it weren’t for Prospera’s help, we would have been too afraid to make some bold moves. I can honestly say that Prospera has given us the confidence and the reins to help take away the fear of the unknown. How lucky are we to be in a state that has this nonprofit here? It allows the average person to have a dream and gives them the tools so they can even the score a bit,” said Ashley.