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Black Dog Farm

Kira Jarosz and Tim Anthony started Black Dog Farm in 2017 out of a desire to raise food in a humane way for themselves, and this ambition quickly spiraled into growing food for other people. Outside of Livingston, Montana, Black Dog Farm raises pasture-raised pork, poultry, and eggs and partners with ten other local food producers to provide a one-stop shop. Black Dog Farm offers online ordering through their website with home delivery once a week for customers in Gallatin and Park counties. Currently, Black Dog Farm is delivering to an average of 70 customers per week.

Jarosz took the advice of an acquaintance who had started her entire business with support from Prospera and contacted the organization for help in expanding Black Dog Farm’s processing operations. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were few funding and grant options for businesses like Black Dog Farm. Because she reached out to Prospera, Jarosz was introduced to, and received, a Women’s Business Impact (WBI) grant as well as other funding opportunities for local food processors including the Agriculture Adaptability and Growth Through Agriculture grants.

Through her work with Prospera on the WBI grant, Jarosz said, “I think it’s pretty cool that they’re bringing these women business owners from all over the state together and providing this funding opportunity, supporting those businesses and bringing to light the really cool and creative things that women all over the state are doing.”