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Cleaning by Sunflower

Sunflower Phon’s love of cleaning originated from growing up in Cambodia where the belief that a clean house brings luck. Sunflower understands that people’s busy lives often don’t lend the time to clean, organize, and care for their homes, so she started Cleaning by Sunflower three years ago to lend her talents to others. For five to six months, Sunflower says she planned poorly before meeting with Suzi Berget-White at the Women’s Business Center. “She helped me with my business organization chart. So, I’m not all over the place trying to do all sorts of things by myself. I went back less than two months later. I did what we discussed. And it works. It’s amazing. It took a lot of stress off my head.” Cleaning by Sunflower provides residential cleaning services in Bozeman, Four Corners, and Gallatin Gateway with a focus on eco-friendly, non-toxic, and green products. Sunflower’s attention to key details such as the chemicals her staff and clients come in contact with is just one small example of the care she puts into her work. Today, Cleaning by Sunflower has 50 regular clients and is able to offer an employee bonus program to her eight employees. She gives credit to the growth of her business to her clients who have put their trust in her, the Women’s Business Center, and her dedicated employees.

Sunflower’s advice to those thinking about starting their own business is simple, “I would highly suggest people that are interested in starting a business—don’t be afraid to seek help. Contact the Women’s Business Center. They are always finding a way to make business owners’ lives easier.”