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Clear Brew Technologies: Customer-Focused Lab Testing

Clear Brew Technologies lab partners Jessica Spinney and Lauren Russell realized there was a need in the region for lab testing and analysis for the growing number of businesses in and around Bozeman, MT. Clear Brew offers a variety of testing services, including kombucha, CBD products, allergen testing, and drug testing for private companies. Establishing itself as a reference for businesses, Clear Brew adds a personal touch not common in the testing industry by listening to customers’ needs, explaining lab results, and helping customers navigate licensing and labeling procedures.

Spinney connected with Prospera and has fully participated in the business counseling services as well as attending several classes and women’s owned business tours. Through the help of Prospera, Clear Brew Technologies received a USDA rural development equipment grant in 2018, which helped it purchase the bulk of the machinery needed for testing. Referencing the value of Prospera in the success of Clear Brew, Spinney said, “They’re such a great reference and resource. They are there and willing to help in this arena, and it is appreciated.”

Reflecting on what advice she has for new entrepreneurs Spinney said, “For me, it was the confidence. Really, just set yourself up in your head that you can do it and know you have help out there, so use it.” As Clear Brew continues to expand its services, Spinney plans to continue to use Prospera as a resource: “I need to revise the business plan and do some market research, and my go-to is Prospera.”