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Complete Body Offers Wellness Support in Its New Location

Since 2005, Nina DeGidio Haarer has been providing diversified wellness services at Complete Body. Having survived a recession and recognizing what her passions in the industry were, Haarer expanded beyond spa massage by earning certifications for orthopedic and medical massage therapy. “I came back to the core belief that massage is not just a luxury; it’s a treatment as part of your wellness program,” she said. Services at Complete Body also include organic skincare, sugaring, and an infrared therapy room.

Haarer began receiving no-cost business counseling at Prospera in 2016, which has helped her increase profits. Speaking of her counseling experience with Suzi Berget White, Haarer said, “She’s a great collaborator. She’s so encouraging. I love her equal parts of ‘I mean business’ and having a plan but also being your biggest cheerleader.”

When the pandemic shut down operations at Complete Body, Haarer reached out to Prospera to help keep the lights on and pay rent. She received a microloan for business stabilization through Prospera and the City of Bozeman, and the team at Prospera sent her information about available state grant funds. Prospera helped her through the application process, and Haarer received the necessary funding to stay in business. These funds and Prospera’s no-cost business advising allowed Haarer to investigate options for purchasing her own space that was also more cost-efficient. She said, “If I had kept on with how I was [operating the business], I was not going to succeed. So, it got my mind working in a little different perspective. At the end of the day, why was I paying so much rent?” Haarer built out a bright and welcoming space and opened her new location to clients on the west side of Bozeman in April 2021.

Speaking of the hurdles she’s faced as a business owner, Haarer said, “I keep learning things that really encompass my core values, and it grew [into] something really beautiful. Sometimes it doesn’t end up like you think it should, but it’s better in the long run. I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have those challenges.”