Cowboy Crickets - Prospera

Cowboy Crickets

Imagine asking to rent a warehouse to raise “bugs”. But not just your ordinary bug, a carefully tended, organically fed and nurtured cricket whose short life and typical deep sleep cycle are all a part of the humane harvesting process for this unique and high protein food source!

The Montana Women’s Business Center worked with James Rolin, Marketing Manager or, ‘get-er-done-cowboy,’ who is married to creator, President and current Montana State University nutrition student, Kathy Rolin. “I originally did not like the idea at all, but Kathy was right, it was a great idea and I’m here to support her success in any way I can." And he is, logging in an estimated 100 plus hours of work this week!

Cowboy Cricket Farms, LLC is without a doubt an emerging industry leader in the edible insects market in America. Their product is 100% common house cricket, farmed locally in Belgrade Montana. High in protein, iron and amino acids, it’s estimated that crickets are a 20x more efficient source of protein than cattle and produce 80% less methane than cattle, a growing concern. Better yet, crickets need 14x less feed than cattle and 4x less than pigs to produce the same amount of protein. Their eventual hope is to patent a cricket farming process for Third World countries to utilize.

Their current product list includes Chocolate “Chirp” cookies, cricket suckers, cricket protein powder and dried crickets.

“The Montana Women’s Business Center was able to offer helpful coaching and guidance for securing grants to Kathy as a woman-owned business. Grants monies secured have allowed us to hire more people, (2 full-time and 4 part-time) and expand our product line. They also helped us create a proper plan for growth, encouraging us to take ownership of the business in a new way!”