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Customized Job Placements with Career Concepts

In 2016, two years after taking a part-time administrative position at Career Concepts, Terri Barber found herself owning the business. Career Concepts offers job placements in every industry from two-hour gigs to permanent C-level positions. The staff at Career Concepts meets every candidate and employer individually. When possible, Barber and her staff go to the hiring business to get first-hand knowledge of the work environment and position. This attention to detail on both the employer and job seeker side allows Career Concepts to offer extremely individualized pairings and successful job placements.

Looking for support to run and grow her newly obtained business, Barber joined Prospera in 2018: “I had no clue what I was getting into. That’s where Prospera helped me by opening my eyes and educating me on a lot of things an owner needs to do and be aware of.” Barber has taken classes such as Managing with a Coach Approach, EOS, and continues to meet for business counseling. When the sudden employment changes brought about by the pandemic left Career Concepts in unknown territory, Barber turned to Prospera. Prospera helped Barber navigate the newly created PPP loans, which Barber said was “instrumental in helping keeping the doors open this past year, which meant helping keeping people employed.”

For future entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business, Barber said, “Go to Prospera. You have to have the connections and that’s what Prospera is. I would highly encourage anyone, especially women, to look into it, get educated, and go for it.”