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Foster Creek Farms

Meandering past the Bozeman airport, admiring the sturdy mountain ranges surrounding me, the road suddenly curved to reveal the majestic Foster Creek Farm event venue, towering high with what seemed acres of glass! More delightful was meeting Linda Mews, architect turned creative venue proprietor.

Inviting me inside her eclectically appointed home-turned-venue space, I quickly gleaned to the artist soul in her. Linda’s style and taste was heartening. I soon learned that most of the colorful wall art was her own creation! It was immediately clear why her “later-in-life” venture is so successful, her background in architectural design, trained creative eye and attention to detail are a magical blend.

With her business only two years old, Linda was quick to seek advice for areas of business where she felt less savvy. With a look of sincere gratitude, “The Women’s Business Center has been a godsend in assisting me with marketing and cash flow. Additionally, the Link Up Accelerator program was a great fit for one of my team members. That and other WBC classes have been of enormous help to us as a start-up.”

The original Huffine House was built in 1923 and yields around 6300 square feet with ample common space and bedrooms, each room uniquely and perfectly appointed. This one-of-a-kind estate includes a huge barn for indoor/outdoor weddings or other events, a kitchen space for caterers, glamping tents and a huge fire pit that’s utilized even in the wintertime. As a former venue owner, I highly recommend this treasured estate for any special event!

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“The Women’s Business Center has been a godsend."

~ Linda Mews, Owner, Foster Creek Farm