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Foundant’s Grant Assistance Comes Full-Circle

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Foundant Technologies offers affordable cloud-based software solutions to help community foundations, foundations, and nonprofits across the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand manage their operations—from management to accounting and fundraising efforts. Foundant’s solutions streamline operations and enable philanthropic organizations to focus more time on having an impact in their communities.

Suzie Boyer, Foundant’s Company Culture and HR Manager said, “One of the things we ask when looking at solutions is will this make people’s lives better? It’s this holistic view of how we make philanthropy better through the singular lens of helping the philanthropic community maximize the impact.”

Foundant worked with Prospera to obtain two Big Sky Trust Fund (BSTF) grants, which have the specific goal of adding jobs to the Gallatin Valley. The two job-creation grants have helped Foundant add thirty-five employees. Of Prospera’s help in obtaining the BSTF grants, Boyer said, “I can’t say enough about the support that Prospera has given to Foundant through that grant process. The support from the grants helps us staff up, so when we take products to market, we are ready to go.”

Prospera’s Grant Manager Alexa Freeburg said of the experience, “We have been working with Foundant for several years with the BSTF Job Creation Grant, and it has been such a pleasure. I love helping a business grow and succeed, and I look forward to watching where they go.”

Aside from the grant support, Foundant also uses a variety of Prospera’s resources, including hosting and providing access to trainings to its employees. Foundant has also participated in Prospera’s Emerging Companies Round Table CEO program, which brings together business leaders from the community to discuss local business trends. “One thing I appreciate is that while we are all competing for talent from a similar pool, there is a real high level of integrity across business owners,” said Boyer.

Boyer praises Prospera’s presence in the business community: “It’s the depth of their resources they have to meet a business where they are and help them do what they want to do. I don’t question their commitment to support the growth of business in the Gallatin Valley.”