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Kelly Jean Snacks

Champion for Healthy Snacking

Kelly McKitrick admits that she has a sweet tooth. In order to provide her young family with an easily accessible, portable, healthy, but most importantly, delicious snack, Kelly began experimenting in her kitchen where she created Kelly Jean Snacks. Kelly and her husband James shared their homemade snacks with their friends who encouraged them to look into selling their product. Kelly Jean Snacks can be eaten frozen, refrigerated or thawed, which makes it an excellent fit for those with an active, outdoor lifestyle.

In July 2019, the McKitricks began to seriously look at what it would take to make and sell a commercial product. They searched for a commercial kitchen and researched environmental health requirements through Gallatin County and the state of Montana. Kelly completed the Food & Beverage Manufacturing 101 and the Power Up courses through Prospera. With the goal of launching Kelly Jean Snacks in the spring of 2020, Kelly plans to continue using the resources available through Prospera, including attending networking groups including the Food and Ag Resource Cluster meetings, and looking into loan options when they are ready to expand. Initially, the products will be available through their online marketplace but they are looking to expand into local retailers such as gyms and cafes.

For anyone thinking about starting their own business, Kelly Jean says, “Prospera is here for support and advice. It’s OK to take time, resources, and ask for help. I never thought I’d have these hopes and dreams and all of a sudden I have a product.”