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Marina Kessler Jewelry + The White Room

For anyone with a passion, translating that passion with a clear vision and action into a bonafide business is not always a seamless practice. For entrepreneur and jewelry designer, Marina Kessler, her passion-turned-business was a natural progression from creating unique jewelry pieces to satisfying her public’s desire for customized, quality pieces of wearable art.

Visiting Marina in her tucked away shop and jewelry showcase, conveniently hidden away behind Wild Joe’s coffee on Main St. in Bozeman, Marina displays a treasure trove of custom earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other beautifully crafted wearable art.

Marina shared, “when I started my business, I’d doubted myself but soon had an “aha” that I’d be okay and could grow my business. That confidence grew from the confidence my customers had for my work and for my ability to translate their vision into jewelry pieces they love." This year Marina is a contender for the Prospera Business Awards “WBC Entrepreneur of the Year” award that will be announced on November 8, 2017, affirming her talent all the more!

With a desire to bring other artists together, Marina created her “White Room” gallery highlighting the works of various area artists. Opened by appointment to the community, Marina works with a diversity of artists including other jewelry artists, painters, and furniture makers in the Bozeman area. She shared, “supporting one another in a way that works to sell their unique pieces is a benefit to everyone. We all have different styles and there is room for us all to do great business.”