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Montana Canning Co.

Montana was ranked fourth nationwide for craft breweries per capita in 2015, with 6.5 breweries per 100,000 adults over the age 21, according to the Brewers Association’s latest data. That ranking was based on 49 breweries throughout the state, which generate an economic impact of $328 million. The latest figures tally almost 60 breweries operating in Montana. Much of their beer is consumed outside of the tasting rooms, and cans are increasingly popular for customers on the go. Some breweries can or bottle their product in-house, but this requires a significant investment and takes up valuable space. Otherwise, to meet the demand from customers and distributors, breweries have to ship their beer out of state for packaging, or outsource the brewing and packaging altogether.

Fortunately Livingston-based Montana Canning Co. arrived on the scene in early 2015 to provide a solution:

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“It’s been great working with Prospera, I know that in Montana there are a lot of people employed in small businesses and the fact that you are here for them is a huge help... You put so much attention and detail into everyone you meet with, I can imagine that would be difficult. It takes continual support, it’s not just once you sign the loan that it’s all done.”

~ Tony Reindl, Owner, Montana Canning Co.