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Nova Cafe

Elena deDiego owned a restaurant in West Yellowstone, MT for the past 10 years, where she served cuisine from her native country of Spain. In October 2019, deDiego was presented with the opportunity to buy a restaurant in downtown Bozeman, MT. deDiego was introduced to the previous owners of the Nova Café through a mutual business acquaintance. Recalling their first introduction, deDiego said, “It was, if you will on a business sense, love at first sight.” Despite the hurdles of buying a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic, deDiego became the official new owner of the popular breakfast restaurant in April 2020.

When this opportunity came to buy the Nova Café, deDiego worked with the Prospera team to develop a business plan, talk to bankers, and connect with other resources. For this venture, Prospera provided a loan to help purchase the business as well as operating cash to help with transferring ownership. These resources allowed deDiego to purchase the restaurant despite the slow season and the hurdles of the pandemic. She has also taken advantage of many of Prospera’s classes, including the Link Up Business Accelerator and Power Up courses.

As deDiego settles into her role as the new owner of the Nova Café, she plans to continue to consult with Prospera to develop her business goals. “It’s a fantastic resource for women, but I think for every entrepreneur, every business owner it’s a great resource. They are ridiculously connected.”