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Our Yoga

"Being sad, angry, and overthinking isn’t worth it anymore,” reads the sign that greets people as they enter Our Yoga’s bright and colorful studio. Jessica Cartwright and Becca Covington echo this sentiment throughout their studio where moms can come to honor and trust their bodies while also having a place to bring their children. Combining Cartwright’s prenatal, mom-focused yoga teaching experience with Covington’s experience as a pre-school teacher, yoga teacher, and corporate brand manager, the co-owners offer 20 yoga classes weekly (including virtual classes), focusing on postpartum, prenatal, and kid fitness. “I met all my mom friends in town through yoga; it feels like a community,” said Cartwright.

Cartwright and Covington became fast friends and business partners in February 2019 and opened Our Yoga in Downtown Bozeman, Montana in September 2019. The partners signed up for Prospera’s Power Up class prepped with a business and marketing plan draft. Cartwright said the class “helped us take a step back where necessary, and I found that relieving.” Cartwright and Covington also take advantage of the women-owned business tours and business counseling offered through Prospera. In business counseling, the partners were “consistently over and over asked the hard questions, which helped our partnership,” said Covington.

Reflecting on Our Yoga’s success and Prospera, Covington said, “I wouldn’t be where I am without a business partner. Bozeman has a strong community of women business owners. Find your people and delegate.” Cartwright continued, “Find what you are good at and stay focused.”