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Smile Prosthetics Provides Denturist Services in Bozeman

Smile Prosthetics provides easy, judgement free dentures or partials for people missing some teeth or need full dentures. They are a team of experienced denturists and dental professionals who enjoy helping patients with their dental needs. Smile Prosthetics is one of two prosthetics businesses in southwest Montana.

Kaylynn Sheldon, Owner and Operator of Smile Prosthetics, connected with Prospera staff when looking to purchase assets and open her practice in Bozeman. Kaylynn received 16 hours of business advising, attended 9.75 hours of business trainings, and received a Prospera loan to purchase the assets she needed to open Smile Prosthetic in January 2024.

Sheldon said “Prospera was a cornerstone for a small business like mine, to be able to get off the ground and achieve the great potential every small business desires. Without the free business counseling offered by Prospera as well as funding lent by Prospera, I would have never got the head start my business needed to be successful. Prospera is at the top of my recommendation list for ANY business related endeavors.”