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The Coffee Pot & Mountain Arts Pottery

Walking into The Coffee Pot in Four Corners is like entering the wardrobe in Chronicles of Narnia, an alternate Universe complete with rich, tantalizing blends of coffee and confection aromas, an abundance of baked goods in every corner, making Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory a dim ‘wanna-be’ of sweet dream treats. Add to that a feast of color with Mountain Arts Pottery colorfully displayed in every corner of this fantasy cottage of treasures for all the senses, located in Four Corners on the way to Big Sky.

Meeting Kathy and Josh Lockie was a similar treat, entrepreneurs on the brink of an impassioned growth boom. Having recently received both coaching and funding through Prospera and the Women’s Business Center to purchase this combo bakery/pottery enterprise from Josh’s parents, Kathy and Josh are not new to the world of small business. Having worked together as wedding photographers in Montana and Arizona, their mix of talents is creating a sure path to success!

Kathy shared, ‘Josh’s parents started Mountain Arts Pottery nearly 40 years ago and The Coffee Pot 15 years ago’. This entrepreneurial duo, married in 2010, embody the passion of newlyweds, with a clear respect for what each partner brings to their joint business venture and a palpable excitement in having recently received funding and support to pursue their dream. Located on about an acre of road frontage, Josh shared their plans to expand their pottery and cafe business.

Initially concerned that neither of them had pottery making or baking skills, their ‘aha’ came when they realized that different strengths were needed to leverage growth. Josh admitted being the vision caster within their team and Kathy the grounded operations/administrative guide with the foresight to develop systems to allow their growing enterprise, now with 32 employees, to burgeon and grow. Together this committed couple clearly has what it takes to lead, manage and grow their ‘cottage’ industry. One tasty visit and you’ll clearly see why!

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