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Western Horizon Insurance Continues Excellent Customer Service in New Location

What Aurelia Ewan loves most about selling insurance is helping people. She knew the best way to offer customer-focused service was to become an independent agent through her own company, Western Horizon Insurance. This independence allows Aurelia and the team of Western Horizon the ability to provide specialized customer support to cater to each client’s unique needs with over 50 years of combined experience. “My passion is helping people, so customer service is our number one priority. We’ve succeeded because of referrals from our clients who know we genuinely care,” said Aurelia.

In 2017, Aurelia took Prospera’s signature Power Up business planning course to build a strong foundation for her new business. “Without taking Power Up, it would have been an extra layer of stress and unknowing. I felt it was super helpful, and it allowed me to start out above where I would have been doing it on my own,” said Aurelia of her experience in the course.

In March 2022, Aurelia purchased an office space with five offices, allowing her to rent out four and run Western Horizon out of the other one with room for expansion as the company grows. With the help of Prospera and First Security Bank, she obtained a gap loan to help with remodeling the building, while also providing extra cash for the unexpected costs that inevitably happen when running a business.

Prospera’s Loan Funds Manager Ross Hoyle said of his experience working with Aurelia, “I was able to work with Aurelia and witness her prominent level of commitment to her clients. Aurelia has many desirable qualities she utilizes in her daily business operations. She has a positive, can-do attitude, which makes the experience of working with her extremely enjoyable.”

“With Prospera’s help, I was able to have security knowing that if something unexpected should happen I have the funds to continue business,” said Aurelia. “Prospera has a plethora of knowledge and information for business owners, especially for women in business.”