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Whole and Nourished: Delicious Meals Delivered To You!

Heather Babineau-Z dreamed of owning a business that helped busy people cook and eat healthy food. In 2017, Babineau-Z launched Whole and Nourished, a food delivery service that offers a weekly menu of fresh items such as soups, salads, and entrees as well as 15–20 frozen meal options. With no minimum required order or subscription obligation, customers in Livingston and within 12 miles of downtown Bozeman receive nutritious meals packaged in reusable or compostable containers through contactless delivery.

Babineau-Z connected with the Women’s Business Center (WBC) in the first few months of starting Whole and Nourished and participated in a variety of available business support opportunities, including the Power Up, Link Up, and Managing with a Coach Approach classes, business counseling, and networking events. Where Power Up was her “first experience meeting and feeling supported by others who were starting their own businesses,” Link Up was a guide to touch up on her business and grow her network. Babineau-Z continues to attend business counseling sessions, knowing she will leave with the next steps she needs to take: “I look forward to the email that is sometimes sent before we are even finished meeting. It’s incredible. I get all the resources I need and a checklist of things to do.”

As Babineau-Z looks to the future, she envisions building out a kitchen and a storefront. Thinking of her growing business, Babineau-Z said, “I know I’ll continue to use Prospera and all of the great resources they provide.”