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XY Planning Network Plans for Growth

Alan Moore launched XY Planning Network (XYPN) with partner Michael Kitces in 2014 as a side project. XYPN’s platform provides entrepreneurship opportunities, support, and education to help financial advisors start, run, and grow their own businesses. Since its inception, XYPN has continued to grow and is looking to increase its team to more than 100 team members in 2021.

Working with Prospera, XYPN has been awarded two Big Sky Trust Fund Job Creation grants. Moore explained, “they were instrumental in us getting the hiring grant the first time, and we were just awarded another grant to add another 34 Montana-based jobs in the next year.” In addition, XYPN has worked with Prospera to receive several Incumbent Worker Training grants to help ease the costs of professional development training programs for its team. Many of XYPN’s team members also participate in other professional development courses offered by the Women’s Business Center (WBC). XYPN’s relationship with Prospera continues to evolve, including Moore’s participation in the Emerging Company Round Table program where local businesses come together to collaborate on best practices to build businesses in southwest Montana.

Moore’s advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business is to “be prepared for the roller coaster. The most important thing is getting really clear on who you are going to serve.” Moore encourages using available resources such as those offered by Prospera and the WBC, “It’s both education as well as getting connected to the business ecosystem.”

Moore and XY Planning were Prospera’s 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year award winners.